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  • No PCAN Event Scheduled<br />Due to Closure of 8X6 club

    No PCAN Event Scheduled
    Due to Closure of 8X6 club

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PCAN Membership

Good news! The yearly PCAN membership is back. Membership cards are available at the door at PCAN events.

Price: $25 for 12 months


  • $5 discount at the door (pay $10 instead of regular price of $15)
  • Members only potluck
  • Members only wreck beach barbecue party
  • Other special events we are working on

Welcome to PCAN website!

PCAN (The Pacific-Canadian Association of Nudists) is a nudist organization for gay and bisexual men located in Vancouver, BC, Canada. PCAN is for men of all (legal) ages and body types to socialize in the nude. We have regular parties known as Naked Heaven which are held at Club 8X6 at 1775 Haro Street in downtown Vancouver. Click here to see the list of all upcoming events.

PCAN Naked Heaven

PCAN Naked Heaven events are men only nude parties held at Club 8×6. We plan events each month mainly on Canadian and American stat holidays.

Click here for event listing.

PCAN Nude Drawing

P-CAN Nude Life Drawing event is a male only drawing session where the model and the artists are naked!

Click here for event listing.

Nude Swim Events

Nude swims are family (men, women and kids) naked swims organized by nude groups NIFTY, Skinnydipper and Wreck Beach, held at various public pools in greater Vancouver.

Click here for event listing.