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PCAN Events

No events is scheduled for 2017 yet. Please keep checking.----

Membership Benefits:

– $5 discount at the door (pay $10 instead of regular price of $15)
– Members only potluck
– Members only wreck beach barbecue party
– Other special events we are working on

Other Events

Nude DrawingThursday, May 11th7pm to 9:30pmPumpjack Using the stage for the Go-go dansers with all the curtains raises. The black curtain by the coat check will remain closed.

The participants arrived with their sketch pad and their favorite pens and pencils. Plus towel to seat on.

They are invited to sit at one of the round tables located either around the dancing floor or the pool table.

Each participant is invited to get undressed and to be in a clockwise fashion a model for the others. It is a fast sketch of no more than 2min 30sec.

Event coordinator : Richard Frechette
Nude DrawingNo date for 2017 yetDoors open at 6:30pm. Drawing from 7pm to 9pmContact Brian at
(604) 251-1429 or
By donation
Wreck Beach Bare Buns RunNo date for 2017 yet10am

Registration: 8-9:30am
Wreck Beach, Trail 6$25/adults
$20/seniors, 19 and under

Nude Swims

Skinnydipper Swim Night
Website Address
2nd Saturday of each month.
2nd Saturdays of each month.9:30pm to 11:00pmTemporary location: North Surrey Pool, 10275 City Parkway (1-minute walk west of Surrey Central SkyTrain Station), Surrey, BC$12.00 per person
$20 Annual Membership
Wreck Beach Swim
Website Address
3rd Saturday of most months.
Feb 18
March 18 (Tentative)
7:30pm to 9:30pmLord Byng Pool, 3990 W, 14th Ave. Vancouver$10 Members
$12 Non Member
$5 for first timers
Website Address
1st and Last Saturdays of most Month.
[2017 dates] Saturdays:
January 7, 28
February 4, 25
March 4
April 29
May 6, 27
June 3, 24
7:30pm to 9:30pmTempleton Pool, 700 Templeton drive, Vancouver.$9 per person, some discounts available.

NOTE: Nude swims are family (80% men, a few women and kids) but gay friendly naked swims organized by nude groups NIFTY, Skinnydipper and Wreck Beach, held on Saturdays at various public pools in greater Vancouver. Activities include swimming, enjoying the sauna and jacuzzi, playing volleyball in the water and occasional after-event dinner at a restaurant near by. Minors free at all swims (must attend with their parent).